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Hidden Treasures - Sterling Silver Shell Necklace

Hidden Treasures - Sterling Silver Shell Necklace

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What looks like a simple cockle shell,  turn it over and it holds a secret - a hidden treasure trove of little shells, akin to a rockpool found on your favourite beach.  

We found the large cockle shells on the beach at Derbyhaven in the south of the Island, both halves of the cockle shell were intact and held together, enabling us to  cast both halves, which fit together beautifully.  You can opt to receive a single pendant or a pair (both supplied with chains), perhaps with one being given to a loved one or friend in the knowledge that you have both halves of one single shell that fit together to create one. 

We then set a collection of small shells and silver'pebbles'  inside the shells creating the 'Hidden Treasure' rockpools.  We have also made pendants with two different finishes,  bright shiny silver or oxidized (darkened) then polished.

They have the most incredible texture and are so very beautiful and tactile, exact replicas of the original shells, immortalised in silver to be enjoyed for years to come!

Sure to become a favourite, 'go to' addition to your jewellery collection, or make a treasured gift for someone special.

~o~ Details ~o~

~ The pendant is cast in Sterling Silver.
~ Available as a single shell pendant or as a pair (with both halves of the shell that fit together).  
~ There are two finishes available - bright shiny silver or oxidised (darkened) and polished.
~ The chain is Sterling Silver.
~ The pendant is available on 3 chain lengths - 16, 18 and 20 inches. Please make your selection at checkout.
~ The shell is approx 30mm x 30mm (or 35mm x 30mm including the bail).


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