Sterling Silver Scallop Shell Necklace - Queenie Shell

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This beautifully detailed pendant necklace forms part of my 'Nautic.Isle' collection, and has been cast from a real Queenie shell that we collected from 'Fenella Beach' here on the west coast of the Island, nestled in the shadows of the famous and evocative Peel Castle.

Scallop shells are important symbols in many cultures... It was seen by some that the converging lines are a reminder of the rising sun, and it was regarded by some as an emblem of beauty and fertility, and others as a token of good luck; And It also regarded as a symbol of journey and pilgrimage.

*The Isle of Man is famous for its Queen Scallops or 'Manx Queenie' as it is known here locally. Conservation efforts by both the Islands Government and Manx Fishermen, are ensuring the Queenies can be fished sustainably, providing a future for the precious scallops. *

Sure to become a favourite, 'go to' addition to your jewellery collection, or make a treasured gift for someone special.

~o~ Details ~o~

~ The pendant is cast in sterling silver.
~ The chain is Sterling Silver, and is available in your choice of length (16, 18 or 20 Inch).
~ The Shells are are approx 20mm x 20mm.