Jewellery Inspired by Island Life

A connection to a simpler time, each piece of Element Isle jewellery tells the story of the Island we call home, celebrating the unique beauty and tapestry of this incredible corner of the world

  • Manx Cross

    The Island's landscape is a testament to its Viking and Celtic roots, with ancient crosses, standing stones and ancient sites that intricately narrate the fusion of these cultures.

  • Barnacle

    Inspired by the allure of lost treasures, featuring exquisite gemstones, adorned with gold barnacle and encrustation details, uniquely handcrafted to be cherished and worn for eternity.

  • Island Flowers

    Blooming with the delicate beauty of Island wildflowers, translating their beauty into exquisite jewellery pieces that capture the untamed spirit and vibrancy of nature's own artistry.

  • Shellseeker

    Cast from shells and nautical finds collected here on the wild, rugged and beautiful coastline of the Island.  A little piece of sea life, immortalised in precious metals to be enjoyed for years to come!

  • Gold

    All of our designs are available to order in 9, 18 carat yellow, rose or white gold, with a number of designs available ready to ship.

  • British Wildlife Jewellery

    Inspired by British wildlife, elegantly encapsulating the majestic beauty and spirited essence of the British Isle's native animals, through intricate designs that celebrate their unique characteristics and natural habitats.

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