Jewellery designed and crafted on the Isle of Man

A connection to a simpler time, each piece of Element Isle jewellery tells the story of the Island we call home, celebrating the unique beauty and tapestry of this incredible corner of the world

Platinum Jubilee Brooch

A gift from the nation to Her Majesty The Queen, Lord of Mann on the occasion of her Platinum Jubilee

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  • Seaweed


    Inspired by the seaweed found upon our island's shores, capturing the most incredible detail and texture, creating wonderfully tactile, natural and contemporary designs.

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  • Drift


    Inspired by the flowing shapes found in nature, be it the breaking of wave, the eddying and rippling currents of the sea and rivers, or the swirling winds that shape our landscape.

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  • Shellseeker


    Cast from shells and nautical finds collected here on the wild, rugged and beautiful coastline of the Island.  A little piece of sea life, immortalised in precious metals to be enjoyed for years to come!

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  • Droplet


    The alchemic coming together of the elements.... fire, air and water; casting precious metals into water collected from our mountain streams and the sea, creating wonderfully distinct and individual jewellery.

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  • Gold


    All of our designs are available to order in 9, 18 carat yellow, rose or white gold, with a number of designs available ready to ship.

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  • Ancient Woodland

    Ancient Woodland

    Inspired by wandering through the unspoiled countryside, glens and woodlands of our enchanting Island home, evoking a sense of connection with nature.

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