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Sterling Silver Aurora Bangle

Sterling Silver Aurora Bangle

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The ‘Aurora Collection’, where the mystical Northern Lights transform into wearable art.

This collection celebrates the captivating dance and movement of the Aurora in the night sky, translated through subtle design elements and flowing shapes. Each piece echoes the serene beauty and quiet spectacle of the Aurora Borealis, offering a daily reminder of nature’s unparalleled artistry

Each bangle has been lovingly crafted in recycled Sterling silver, and are hinged for ease of wear, and fit most wrist sizes. 


  • The bangle is oxidised and polished sterling silver, highlighting the beautiful patterns in the design.
  • Each bangle measures 65mm x 56mm (internal measurement), with the Aurora design element measuring approx. 40mm x 15mm .  (30 x 15mm excluding ring connectors) . 
  • The opening/hinged bangles are currently available in one size and will fit most wrist sizes from small to large.

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