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Bluebell Sterling Silver Earrings

Bluebell Sterling Silver Earrings

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The beautiful Bluebell.... the unmistakable bell-shaped nodding blooms of springtime, carpeting our glens, forests and hedgerows in wondrous blues, pinks and white; the heady scent wafting in the fresh spring air. In Manx Gaelic the word for Bluebell is 'Clageen Gorrym'. Each pair of earrings are crafted in sterling silver, capturing the beauty of this magical spring bloom.


  • The stud earrings are created in sterling silver
  • Earring posts and butterfly backs are sterling silver
  • The earrings are approx. 9mm x 7mm in size.

About the Bluebell Collection

In April and May, our ancient woodlands and glens are awash with the much-loved, nodding heads of the Bluebell. Believed to call the fairies when rung, the bluebell has many connections to folklore tales, as well as incredible natural qualities. Its sap was once used in bookbinding because it would repel attacks by insects, and in early times it was also used to glue the feathers on the shaft of an arrow. Usually, the bluebell flowers symbolise gratitude and humility. However, they can also symbolise constancy and everlasting love.

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