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Fire Element - Sun Coin Talisman Earrings

Fire Element - Sun Coin Talisman Earrings

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Inspired by the ancient elements of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Celestial. Choose your symbol and wear your affinity proudly.

Ignite your passion to burn brightly, our 'Fire' Element Talisman Coin earrings are for all those drawn to the symbols associated with the fire element, be it sunlight and an affinity with the season of summer, or being mesmerised by the flickering flames of the fire. Adorned with a Sun symbol, it symbolises determination and resilience, empowering you to harness your inner strength, giving fuel to your passions.


  • Crafted in recycled Sterling Silver.
  • The coins are are approx 15mm (diameter) x 19mm, and the overall drop including earwire is approx. 33mm.

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