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Gold Fairy Chalice Necklace

Gold Fairy Chalice Necklace

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On an Island where fairies still exist, and where, if you look in the right places, they may still be found......

Inspired by the Manx Fairytale of 'The Silver Cup'..... this beautiful solid gold chalice is entirely three dimensional, a perfect goblet hand crafted in miniature (with a little Island magic thrown in for good measure).  For more about the folklore tale, please see below.


  • Created in 9 Carat Gold.
  • This small charm pendant measures approx. 13mm x 8mm plus bail, giving a drop of 21mm.
  • The chain is available in 3 lengths - 16, 18 and 20 inches.

The tale of 'The Silver Cup

Cronk Howe Mooar, also known as the 'Fairy Hill', takes center stage in the revered Manx folklore tale 'The Fairy Cup.' The narrative unfolds around the enigmatic 'little people (Mooinjer Veggey)' or fairies.

Colcheragh, the tale's protagonist, stumbles upon a mesmerising scene: mischievous 'Lil' Fellas' leading his prized cows away.  Colcheragh pursues them into a the mystical Fairy Hill that mysteriously grants entry upon arrival, and inside he's greeted by a spellbinding tableau of dances and festivities, while a lavish feasts unfolds. Entranced yet cautious, Colcheragh heeds advice to avoid the tempting fare, otherwise he may be trapped there forever.

A climactic moment arrives when the merrymakers pass along the 'Silver Cup' to share the Jough y Dorrys, (the drink of the door; the final drink of the night). Seizing the opportunity, Colcheragh extinguishes the lights with wine and flees.  Deftly evading the Lil' Fellas' pursuit, he found refuge in Kirk Christ Rushen, staying until daybreak, clutching the magical cup.

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