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Hawthorn Leaf and Berry Sterling Silver Necklace

Hawthorn Leaf and Berry Sterling Silver Necklace

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The 'Hawthorn' or 'May Tree' is the only British plant which is named after the month in which it blooms. In Manx Gaelic the word for Hawthorn is 'Drine'. This necklace is crafted from leaves and berries we collected from the Hawthorn tree, which have been moulded and then cast in solid silver.


  • The Hawthorn leaf and berry is created in sterling silver
  • The leaf is approx 38mm x 25mm in size (incl. bail), and the berry is 12mm x 7mm
  • The chain is sterling silver, and is available in 3 lengths (16, 18 or 20 inch)

~ About the Hawthorn Collection ~

From the beautiful, delicate blossoms of the Hawthorn trees that punctuate our hedgerows and fields in early summer, to the deep red berries that are ablaze in the stark boughs in winter, the Hawthorn is a beautiful tree, steeped in local and celtic tradition.

In Celtic mythology, the Hawthorn was one of, if not the, most likely tree to be inhabited of protected by the 'little people' (Mooinjer Veggey) or fairies. Though the tiny sweet red berries (haws) are used in jams, jellies and wines, all parts of the plant—the leaves, flowers, berries, stems, and even the bark—have long been used in herbal medicine.

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