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Jörð - Bifröst Silver Enamel Ring (Forest Green)

Jörð - Bifröst Silver Enamel Ring (Forest Green)

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Contemporary, colourful enamelled 'Bifröst' rings, perfect for stacking or wearing alone for that beautiful pop of colour!

Crafted in solid sterling silver and set with beautiful deep forest green enamel, this ring will make a wonderful addition to any jewellery collection.


  • The Bifröst 'Stardust' ring is crafted in sterling silver.
  • The ring is approx 3.75mm wide
  • Shipping - Our enamel rings are generally made to order and will take 2-4 weeks to ship unless we have your ring size and colour already in stock.
  • The ring is enamelled most of the way round the ring, with a section at the back which is solid silver for extra comfort.
  • Named after the Norse Goddess Jörð - the goddess of the earth, and is often associated with growth and nature.
  • The photograph showing the model wearing the 'Skadi' and 'Freyja' version of the ring stacked together, and the single ring worn alone is Rán.

** In Norse mythology, Bifröst is the Rainbow Bridge that connected heaven to Earth, or the realm of the gods (Asgard) to the realm of mankind (Midgard). Each colour in this collection has been named after Norse Gods and Goddesses.**

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