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Silver Rowan Leaf Necklace

Silver Rowan Leaf Necklace

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Cast from two beautiful Rowan leaves collected from a tree nestled in the tumbling ruins of a cottage (or tholtan as we call them here on the Island) near Glen Maye on the west coast of the Island, the long leaves, feather-like leaves catch the light beautifully as they move.

The Rowan has long been honoured by the Celts for its balance of beauty and hardiness. To the Celts the Rowan was a symbol of the hidden mysteries of nature, and a symbol of protection, power & inspiration.


  • Crafted in Sterling Silver
  • The pendants are available on 3 chain lengths - 16, 18 and 20 inches
  • The two leaves measure 33mm and 26mm

** In Manx Gaelic the word for Rowan is 'cuirn (keirn)'. In Manx folklore, on May Day eve (Oie Voaldyn) the evil spirits are said to be at their strongest. So you might want to protect your home by making a "crosh cuirn", a small cross made from twigs from the mountain ash (Rowan) tree and sheep’s wool. **

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