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Sandulf's Cross Silver Viking Ring

Sandulf's Cross Silver Viking Ring

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The Isle of Man is steeped in a rich tapestry of Viking and Celtic heritage, visible in its remarkable collection of ancient crosses and standing stones. These relics, intricate with carvings, weave a narrative of a land where Norse and Celtic cultures merge offering a unique glimpse into a past.

SANDULF CROSS (Arinbjork's Cross)

This incredibly beautiful 10th-century Norse cross is located in Kirk Andreas in the north of the Island.  It features such intricate designs on each side, including a five-strand plait leading to an interlacing ring, surrounded by wildlife and mythical scenes such as a stag, hounds, boar, serpent, birds and various other animals, alongside decorative spirals and triquetras.

One of the most striking details depicted on the cross is what might be the earliest portrayal of a Viking/Scandinavian woman any where in the world, and her name is Arinbjork.  The runes inscribed along the cross’s narrow edge reveals her identity, stating, “Sandulf the Black erected this cross in memory of Arinbjork, his wife.” This depiction is particularly notable for illustrating Arinbjork riding “aside,” a position indicating the use of a seat designed for women in medieval times, predating the invention of the side-saddle.

Though the sands of time have obscured much of Arinbjork’s life beyond this artistic tribute, her image remains a powerful link to the Isle of Man’s rich Manx-Norse heritage.


  • The ring is crafted in Sterling Silver
  • At its widest the ring band is approx 8mm
  • The ring is decorated in one of the detailed pattern elements found on the cross.

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