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Silver Droplet Wing Earrings

Silver Droplet Wing Earrings

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The alchemic coming together of the elements.... fire, air and water; Created using methods of casting precious metals direct into water taken from our mountain streams, and seawater collected on the beaches of the beautiful Isle of Man, creating wonderfully distinct and individual jewellery.

The original pair of drops came from two magical droplets that formed in a single pour, cast in to water from Glen Maye! I could never hope to recreate something of this shape again, it happened by pure chance (with a little Island magic thrown in too I’m sure!). A mould has been taken and then we have cast them in solid Silver as seen in the photographs above. Some say they look like Angel wings, others say that the faeries (or 'little people' as they are known on the Island) had a hand in their creation hence the fairy wing like shape...... what ever you see they are a beautiful, freeform and elegant shape indeed, and they look incredible when worn.

A truly gorgeous pair of earrings, perfect for adding a little something special to your day! Sure to become a firm favourite or would make a wonderful gift for someone special.


  • The Droplets are created from Sterling Silver.
  • The finish is bright polished silver.
  • Ear Posts and Butterfly backs are Sterling Silver
  • The droplets are are approx 25mm x 12mm in diameter.

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