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Silver Celtic Roots Ring

Silver Celtic Roots Ring

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The Celtic Roots ring seamlessly combines the intricate beauty of Celtic symbolism with the organic elegance of intertwining tree roots.  This unique design captures the essence of nature's strength and the enduring bond between cultures, making it a symbol of everlasting love and unity as well as a connection to your past, your roots.

The roots twist and twine around the band, creating an organic and intricate texture that symbolises growth and strength, reinforcing the idea that your connection is as enduring and unshakeable as the roots of a mighty tree.

A beautiful ring that is sure to become a favourite of anyone who wears it.


  • This ring is crafted in Sterling Silver. (For gold please see our other listings for details).
  • The ring is 8mm at its widest (at the star at the front of the ring) tapered to 2mm at the back of the ring
  • The ring is photographed in a vintage box, however your ring will be shipped in one of our branded, grey, eco friendly ring boxes. 

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