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Sterling Silver Sycamore Earrings

Sterling Silver Sycamore Earrings

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These Sycamore seed earrings were created from actual seeds collected from beneath a beautiful Sycamore tree just outside our studio, then cast in solid sterling silver, preserving the incredible detail! The earrings are entirely three dimensional with exquisite detail to both sides of the drops.

There’s an Egyptian creation myth about sycamore. The goddess Hathor, the Holy Cow, sat in a sycamore at sunset and created the earth, everything living on it, and the sun.

Sure to become a favourite, 'go to' addition to your jewellery collection, or make a treasured gift for someone special.


  • The earrings are cast in Sterling Silver.
  • The finish is bright high shine silver.
  • The ear hooks (hook ear wires) are Sterling Silver.
  • The Silver Sycamore seed pods are approx. 39mm x 10mm, and the overall drop of the earrings including ear wire is approx 50mm.

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