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Sterling Silver Ammonite and Crinoid Fossil Charm Necklace

Sterling Silver Ammonite and Crinoid Fossil Charm Necklace

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We love the intricate details, shapes and stories of fossils! Each captured and encased in minerals and rocks many millions of years ago.... it's truly amazing! Scott is a geologist, and we are surrounded at home by the most amazing fossil specimens to draw inspiration from, collected from locations all over the world.

This beautiful little fossil charm pendant necklace showcases two fossil pendants/charms. The first is a Pyrite Ammonite (from Charmouth in Dorset), formed in the early Jurassic about 185 million years ago. And the second is a Crinoid Star, which is a segment of the fossilised stem of a Sea Lily, formed in the early Jurassic between 175-200 million years ago.

Moulds have been taken of the fossils, and exact replica's then created in solid sterling silver before being fitted with a sterling silver bail and set upon a sterling silver chain.

A Truly gorgeous necklace that will make the most fabulous addition to any jewellery collection, or make a treasured gift for someone special!


  • The pendant is cast in Sterling Silver
  • The finish is bright shiny Silver
  • The chain is Sterling Silver, and available in 3 lengths 16, 18 or 20 inch chains
  • The Ammonite is approx 14mm x 12mm, with an overall pendant drop of approx 20mm including bail
  • The tiny Crinoid star measures 8.5mm in diameter, with an overall drop of 13.5mm including bail

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