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Sterling Silver Scallop Shell Earrings - Queenies

Sterling Silver Scallop Shell Earrings - Queenies

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These beautifully detailed 'Queenie Shell' sterling silver stud earrings have been cast from real seashells we collected here on one of our local beaches (found by the 'Cosy Nook Cafe' in Port Erin). The shell's have the most incredible texture and are so very beautiful. A little piece of precious sea life, immortalised silver.

The Isle of Man is famous for its Queen Scallops or 'Manx Queenie' as it is known here locally. Conservation efforts by both the Islands Government and Manx Fishermen, are ensuring the Queenies can be fished sustainably, providing a future for the precious scallops.

Scallop shells are important symbols in many cultures... It was seen by some that the converging lines are a reminder of the rising sun, and it was regarded by some as a symbol of beauty and fertility; And It is often seen as a symbol of journey and pilgrimage.

A truly gorgeous pair of earrings, sure to become a firm favourite or would make a wonderful gift for someone special.


  • The earrings are cast in sterling silver.
  • Ear Posts and Butterfly backs are Sterling Silver
  • The Shells are are approx 10mm x 11mm.

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