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White Gold North Star Stud Earrings with Sapphire

White Gold North Star Stud Earrings with Sapphire

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The North Star or 'Polaris' is a star in the northern constellation of Ursa Minor (also known as the little bear). It is the brightest star in the constellation and is readily visible to the naked eye at night. The North Star or Pole Star is famous for holding nearly still in our sky while the entire northern sky moves around it. The position of the star lies less than a degree away from the north celestial pole making it the current northern pole star.

Crafted in solid White gold we have set each of the stars with a beautiful deep blue 3mm Sapphire gemstone, shimmering at its centre as it moves and catches the light.


  • The North Star stud earrings are created in 9ct White Gold
  • The earrings are set with 3mm Natural Blue Sapphire
  • The stud earrings are 10mm in diameter (point to point)
  • The Butterfly ear fittings/backs are 9ct White Gold

** These white gold earrings have not been rhodium plated, and are instead in their natural white gold colour**

** These earrings have been hallmarked by the Edinburgh Assay office **

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